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100% Satisfaction

We are determined to please every one of our great clients and we back it up in writing. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. We will not leave your home until you are 100% Satisfied.

Great Pricing

We save our clients hundreds of dollars in two ways. 1) Our professional painting services are super affordable for the value you receive. 2) We would never sell, or try to upsell, you anything that wouldn't benefit you.

Great Reputation

We have a ton of 5 Star Reviews on our Painting and Tub Refinishing Services to help you research the quality of our work and our awesome customer satisfaction. Our clients speak for us.

Testimonials & Reviews

See what our clients say about us

Very Honest & Reputable company!

Alicia Jeffords

We have used Renew-It for several years at our apartments, and they always do a high quality job. Thanks!

Waverly Surf Apartments

Paul was great. Very professional and easy to work with. The job was clean, fast and very well done. My tub looks beautiful.

Amanda Spanish

Renew-It Painting Process

Find out what makes us so different than most other painting contactors in Portland and Vancouver.
For starters, we paint homes, not houses :)


We start our painting process with a FREE, in home consultation to ensure that we understand your goal and budget. With these two factors, we can create your proposal. We will help you choose colors and paint that work with your goals and budget. We have open communication with you from start to finish.

Paint Preparation

Preparation is as important as the painting process itself. Without proper surface preparation, even the best paint will peel, crack and look terrible in a short time. We pressure wash, sand, fill holes, remove loose paint and so on to ensure that your paint will last the test of time and look great for years.

Painting Process

We use only the best paints available in Portland and Vancouver. Even our budget paint choice is better than many others. Our Best Paint choice is super duable, flexible, won't fade, crack, or peel and will keep your home or business looking beautiful for years.
We Guarantee It!

Clean Up

Even the best painter is ineffective if he fails to clean up behind himself. Our super conscientious painters are committed to leaving your home cleaner than we arrived. Our clients will never be left cleaning up after us.
We Guarantee It!

Post Job Consultation

After we are all finished with our work and your project looks beautiful, we will meet with you to ensure you are 100% Satisfied before you pay. This last step is often skipped by our competition, but it is a key to our success and has made us one of the best and most sought after house painters in Portland and Vancouver.

Paint FAQ's

Here are a few things you likely didn't know about paint 

Old paint

We have all purchased paint for a small home project, right? What did you do with your left over paint after it sat in the garage for 5 years? 

About 10% of paint we buy in the US is eventually thrown into the garbage can and ends up in a landfill. Most of this paint was purchased for a residential home painting project. This equals around 60 million (60,000,000) gallons. Ugh...

History of Paint

Some of the oldest paint known to man was a mix of lime mixed with water or milk. They might also add natural pigments to color the paint. Did you know that King Tut's tomb and even the White House in Washington DC was painted nice and pretty with a lime paint? 

Red Front Door

A red front door has meant many things over time.

The red door in Feng Shui means hospitality and a warm welcome. A safe house for travelers. It meant the same thing in our early American history too. Tired travelers could find a safe, warm place to spend the night and eat a bite for the traveler and his horse.

In Scottland, homewners would paint their front door red when their home was paid for. Do you think the mortgage company would go away if we paint our front door red today? Worth a try.

Green Paint

Green paint is balanced and refreshing. Did you know that green paint is thought to come in the most shades of any other color. There are many schools of thought on why. What do you think? Either way, we can paint your home your favorite color. And if you favorite color changes in three years, we'll paint 'er again.

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